3 Legged Thing, as a brand, is about identifying two aspects of tripod technology. Style and functionality. Tripods have existed for many hundreds of years, but in the present form for about a century. During this time, the only real innovations have come through making the products smaller and lighter, with greater weight capacity. There has been very little development into the technical usage and functionality of tripods.

As Photographers, each member of the Team was becoming frustrated with products we owned, for any number of reasons. We all travel, so we each own a travel tripod of some sort, but their uses are so limited. We started to think "why can't a travel tripod get low?", "Why can't I use this for macro work?", "why can't this hold my larger lenses?". It was clear to us that nobody else was going to design a tripod the way we wanted to use it, so we did it ourselves.

First came the functionality. As a Team we worked together to build ideas into our tripods. We standardised features that other brands charge for. All of our tripods have built in monopods. All of our tripods have removable and reversible, multi functional centre columns. All of our tripods are modular, and can adapt to form other apparatus for use with HD video, or tethering tools.

Next came the style. Did you know that the only colour that does not occur in nature is black? And yet, every single tripod in the world seems to be black. How does that make sense, especially if you are a nature, macro or landscape photographer. Blending into the natural environment seemed to us to be a prerequisite, not an alternative. We carefully selected natural pantones that occur frequently in both urban and suburban settings. Our company colour is Stagsden Blue. In one of our first reviews we were criticised for making a head in a colour that stands out. Clearly the reviewer had failed to spot the blues in nature. The sky and the ocean being just two examples. Of course black doesn't stand out, if you're shooting in a coal mine, at night.

But it was more than just colour. The blend of bronze, copper and blue aren't enough. Our tripods are sexy. There's no getting away from that. And they are sexy because they are visible in use. They are a reflection of us as individuals. Every product we design looks goods, because there isn't a good reason for it not to. And no, it isn't a gimmick. 19 individual industry awards since we launched in January 2011 prove that. Our 5 year warranty stands up for our engineering standards.